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Make your students more committed with their learning

Active learning helps students to be the protagonists of their own learning. When a student gets involved and makes an effort in its own educational process, it produces a better understanding of the contents. This is because by taking the initiative, their capacity for reasoning and logic increases, adding a better assimilation of concepts. 

This greater understanding of the subjects and how stimulating it can be for a student to change the classic class dynamics, result in a motivated student eager to learn more. The advantage of living in an era where we have access to any type of information in the palm of our hands is that we can get the most out of it when teaching. Complementing classes with new technologies improves active learning because having access to educational resources is easier. 

In the specific case of interactive worksheets, there are countless options to create activities to make the student a proactive subject. We leave you these three tools so that you can put them into practice with them: 

The video answer

boost their communications skillsThis is a type of question in which the students will have to answer by uploading a video. It’s a great way to boost their communications skills and even their body language. It is an activity that they can do at home, in an environment where they feel comfortable and repeat their answers as many time as they need. Recording yourself will help you improve your public speaking and communication.


The voice answer

With this type of field the student will be able to record their own voice in audio format. As with the previous tool, they have the chance to record the answer as many times as they deem necessary before sending their final response. With the voice answer, the students can express themselves and are pushed to understand the information they give. 

The image answer

Questions of this type allow the students to upload an image that they have on their computer or mobile. This opens the door to creativity, since they will be able to upload, for example, photos taken by themselves. It can be a very fun and enjoyable activity in which students can take charge of the content. 

To create these types of exercises: Create a new worksheet in TopWorksheets, choose between the builder or the editor options and select the video answer, voice answer or image answer as you considerate. Follow the instructions and make your students enjoy participating in their own learning.