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Interactive exercises and its benefits for your students

Converting traditional activities into something interactive can bring significant changes in the development of the classroom. There are many reasons to transform these exercises into enjoyable and entertaining tasks, such as increasing participation and academic performance, among others. 

The impact that screens have on students is perceived at all ages, both in teenagers and in the smallest ones. The latter, for example, are able to maintain focus for longer and associate school tasks with something positive. These benefits are added to a longer period attending to activities and, therefore, to a greater productivity. 

Another reason why interactive activities are beneficial is the immediate and effective feedback they offer. Feedback is key for a student to reach their goals and achieve a good development in their training. When they complete a task and receive the grade automatically and, in addition, they have the chance to see what mistakes they have made, the feedback is tremendously effective. It is an orientation process where they can distinguish not only the errors, but also the correct answers of it. 

One of the biggest benefits of interactive worksheets is the engagement they create. The greater the inclusion of tools and cultural elements in a classroom, the greater the probability of engaging students. New resources are very important when it comes to teaching, getting away from routine activities boosts students stimulation. Of course, students always perceive the commitment that a teacher has with teaching, creating a mutual synergy of commitment and responsibility. 

We live in a globalized world, where the jobs of tomorrow require greater adaptability. To prepare children for this, the use of technological tools and resources is necessary. Creating interactive exercises will keep them competitive and build skills for a better future.