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Importance of ITCs in education

Information and Communication Technologies have completely transformed our reality. ICTs are present in all areas of our lives, and applied to education, they prepare students for a digital age that is booming. The objective of ICT is to facilitate the didactic process for both teachers and students.

These educational tools only bring advantages to students thanks to the impact they have on them. Their applications are innumerable and they allow flexibility to learning, capable of eliminate many barriers to learning. During the last two years, education has been seriously affected due to the limitation of face-to-face classes, forcing this tools become a compulsory discipline for everyone. 

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of teachers, it was possible to mitigate the disastrous consequences of the closure of many schools and provide a solution to a teaching truncated by circumstances. The use of educational resources and interactive technology facilitated the teachers’ work and motivated the students to continue their studies. Now, many of the innovations that were implemented out of necessity continue today due to their usability and practicality. 

The applications of these 2.0 tools gives students access to a greater number of resources and content, favouring their digital skills and boosting their motivation to learn. There are countless educational platforms where you can customize the contents of each student based on their results. An example of this are the interactive worksheets, which on addition to individualizing the needs and rhythms of the students, promote autonomous learning and encourage self-sufficiency.

The importance of ITCs in the lives of children from an early age lies in the importance of the Internet today. Using the Internet is required daily and countless times, knowing how to master it is vital for the rest of life’s stages. Encouraging responsible use of technology is essential to develop skills such as resolution and self-management. Also, it is very important to mention the optimization of study and work time thanks to the fact that students feel much more motivated by the use of technology. ICTs are a tremendously effective educational resource for teaching classes; students learn to master 21st century tools.