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Five tips to be a good (or a better) teacher

Being a good teacher goes far beyond transmitting knowledge to students. It is about the creation of a bond based on respect that aims to awaken the motivation of the students and make them enjoy the learning process. Leaving a mark on students is not an easy task, here you have five tips that can help make this task a little easier.

Simplicity when explaining

Knowing how to adapt to the level of the students is very important to achieve successful communication. Expressing yourself correctly and as simply as possible will make the class understand what is going on. Knowing well what you teach motivates students to want to know more.

Reinvent yourself

Staying anchored in obsolete teaching methods can be very detrimental in the development of a class. Learning to use technology focused on education is essential to getting the most out of the subject. It has been shown that the use of ICT motivates students and manages to capture the attention of even the smallest ones. Staying updated is very important to improve your pedagogical strategies.

Create a relaxed environment

A classroom where students feel emotionally safe will encourage greater participation and interaction. The goal is that no one in the classroom is afraid to freely express what they think and manage to participate without fear of saying the wrong thing. This will also strengthen and increase their self-esteem and confidence.

Passion is contagious

One of the greatest qualities of teachers is the passion that they put into teaching. Enjoying the work and having fun in the process will inevitably create bonds with students and inspire them. The motivation of the students, in many occasions, is directly related to the way the teacher teaches.

There is no real genius without patience

The work of teaching requires a lot of work and dedication. Patience is a virtue that, in addition, must be worked on daily. Being able to withstand all the challenges and difficulties of a class is not easy, but you always have to look for the positive and get ahead.