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Create interactive self-correcting worksheets in 5 minutes for free

Give interactivity to traditional exercises and PDFs can bring very significant changes in the development of the classroom. In this article, you will find how to create interactive worksheets for your students free, easily and quickly with the TopWorksheets platform.

One of the greatest advantages of this digital tool is that it does not require deep computer knowledge to use it; its operation is very simple and intuitive. Here, we give you the steps to use the worksheet builder.


Once you have created your account, (the registration process is very easy) you must click on Create new worksheet to start the making. You will find the button in the left side menu of the screen.


You will see two options, since TopWorksheets offers the production of sheets in two ways, and you must choose the builder. The visual editor option is just as valid for creating worksheets, however, the builder create the templates automatically.


Customize the worksheet design. Write a title, choose the font and its size, choose a background to give it colour or select a header to include on the pages.


Choose between its twelve different tools to give content to the worksheet. Text answers fields, element matching fields, word searches, drawing areas, and much more. Select as many as you want, you will only have to write the questions that the students must answer and follow the instructions for each one of them. You can also add images, videos and audio files.


Save it and TopWorksheets will automatically create it for you. It only remains to share it with the students so that they can do it and enjoy a fun and entertaining learning experience. The platform offers a large number of options to send it in different ways, for example, assigning it as homework through Google Classroom or embedding it on our own website. Here is an example of a worksheet made with the builder using the matching tool and the dropdown.