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Benefits of Word Searches you didn’t know

We have all made a Word Search at some point in our lives, when we were children or even as adults. It is an entertaining, fun pastime and with which you can learn new words. In fact, it is one of the most useful teaching methods to learn and master new terms.

Solving Word Searches helps develop skills such as concentration or patience, very important skills when it comes to a child’s learning process. But, the real goals are the increase in linguistic fluency and mastery of a specific vocabulary. They are intelligence games that boost brain activity in an entertaining way.

It is a very effective stimulus to teach the little ones. And for this reason, it is a widely used resource when learning a new language, since it greatly helps students to contextualize words and learn key concepts of a certain topic.

There are many ways to solve Word Searches: in a group, alone, through magazines, online…. Here you have a free resource with which you can create this type of activity in less than five minutes:

Having active our TopWorksheets account, we click on Create new worksheet and select the Builder.

After writing a title and choosing a design for the worksheet, we choose the Word Search option in the Content section. And this is where the creation begins. We put it a title, we decide the number of rows and columns we want it to have and we define the orientation of the words (vertical, horizontal, diagonal…). Finally, we write the words to search and voila!