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Educational methods have evolved over time, there are some that have been applied for many years and others that are so revolutionary and innovative that, despite their short life, are benchmarks in the educational field. These are alternatives to traditional education carried out by teachers with a clear professional vocation and with the aim of positively influencing children's learning to promote their autonomy. We leave you here five methodological strategies that are easy to apply in the classroom:


With this method, the objective is to bring the child closer to his sensory intelligence. The Waldorf strategy seeks to enhance their artistic side and their manual skills with activities such as crafts. Preparing classes with projects with wool, clay or wood can be very suitable to start putting this type of methodology into practice.


The characteristic of this type of pedagogy is that the child is the protagonist. It offers the freedom of individual development and each student learn at their own pace. The goal is for them to discover the world based on their own interests and possibilities. Prioritize subjects that are attractive to them (such as technology) and the teacher is a guide who helps them develop their full potential.

ABN Method

This is a recent methodological strategy compared to the previous ones. The ABN method (Algorithm Based on Numbers) is focused on learning mathematics using everyday materials and situations. To apply this method, you can start with objects such as buttons or pencils to work on those proximity situations that students can relate to their day to day. The advantage of this method is to learn maths by playing and having fun.

Design Thinking

The objective of Design Thinking is “learning by doing”. The student must solve a problem, but breaking it down and dividing it into smaller parts. Doing this, they work analysis and empathy to reach a solution with the rest of the classmates.


This technique is based on the game and can be carried out in different ways. It is designed to teach difficult topics in a simple and understandable way. One of the most used educational resources in Gamification are interactive worksheets, since they offer the possibility of learning by playing through technology.