We reward teachers with $50 USD in educational material

If 600 students send submissions for worksheets that you have created, TopWorksheets will send you educational material for $50 USD value, so you can enjoy it with your students.

How it works?

How can I get 600 submissions?

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  • Only one reward per teacher. The reward consists of educational material worth $50 USD or the equivallent in local currency. Once you get the minimum amount of submissions, send an email to support@topworksheets.com to claim the reward
  • Interactive worksheets must have good quality: valid answers must be correct and the worksheet must have at least five fields to answer
  • Only submissions sent by real students will be counted. Only one submissions per student per worksheet will be counted. Only submissions with at least half of the answers completed will be counted
  • If there is any evidence of fraud, submissions will be invalidated and will not be counted
  • TopWorksheets reserves the right to end this promotion without prior notice and without further obligations