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How to drag and drop fields in a worksheet

The Drag&Drop tool is designed to allow our students to drag elements from the interactive worksheet to answer the questions.

To correctly configure the drag and drop fields the process is the following:

  1. Click on the Drag icon in the sidebar
  2. Click with the left mouse button and drag in the worksheet to create a box
  3. As this will be the source field, we leave the Drag option checked in the sidebar. If the worksheet has been created using an image or PDF, the background image of the field will be extracted from the worksheet. If the worksheet has been created with an empty page, we must upload an image that will be the one to be dragged
  4. Create another box in the position where the correct answer must be dragged
  5. As this will be the destination field, we change the option to Drop
  6. Bear in mind that both boxes must have the same Identifier for the autocorrection to detect them correctly

Example: In this case, we would create the first box around the in the news text, since it would be the element to drag, leaving that option checked in the sidebar.

Next, we would create the second box and this time we would check the Drop option.

We follow the same process for the other fields and save the worksheet. It will then be ready to share it with our students.