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How to add audio to a worksheet

To make worksheets more interesting and educational we can use audio resources, for example, to do listening or word comprehension exercises.

With the audio tool we can add audio in two formats:

  • existing MP3 tracks
  • recording our own voice directly from the editor.

The process in both cases is very similar: From the My teacher account page click on Create new worksheet. Choose the Empty worksheet or Use an existing document option. Once inside the editor, select the Audio tool and create a box of the size we want by left clicking and dragging on the worksheet.

We have different options to get the audio in our worksheet:

  • we can upload an MP3 file from our computer
  • we can upload an MP3 file from our Google Drive account
  • we can import an MP3 file from internet, by using the URL
  • we can record audio from our computer with our mic

To record the audio track with the mic, click on the Start voice recording button. The first time, it will ask for permission to access our mic. Click Allow and the mic will start recording. When finished click on Finish. The file will be automatically uploaded and your voice will be added to the worksheet.

Example: In this English fruit exercise, we would create the box in the audio icon, start the recording, say "apple" and finish it.