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How to generate open-ended questions

In open-ended questions, students must write a text as the answer to the question, so there isn't only one valid answer. In this type of questions, the teacher has to correct the answers after the student finishes the worksheet.

To generate open-ended questions using TopWorksheets IA, click on Generate questions with TopWorksheets IA in the worksheet builder. A modal will be displayed to fill in needed data.

Input the topic on which you want the questions to be based, the language to generate them in and the school grade to which they are addressed. Once filled in, click on Open-ended and TopWorksheets IA will generate a list of ten open-ended questions about the topic you have entered.

Go through each question in the list to check that it makes sense and is adequate for your students. If it is, select the checkbox on the left side of the question.

Once you have selected all the questions you like, click the Add selected questions to worksheet button so they are add to the builder. Once added, you can modify the text of the question, its options,...