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TopWorksheets AI features

When creating worksheets, sometimes you might run out of ideas or can't think of more questions to add to them. TopWorksheets AI helps you to automatically generate questions for your worksheets.

TopWorksheets AI is a feature that appears in the worksheet builder. When you are editing a worksheet in the builder, all you have to do is input the topic for which you want to generate questions, as well as the language and the school grade, and TopWorksheets AI will propose a list of questions. You can add these questions to the worksheet if you want to use them directly, but you can also use them as inspiration and modify them as needed.

Once you have filled in the necessary data, select the type of questions you want to generate:

  • Open-ended questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Wordsearch

TopWorksheets AI uses artificial intelligence to propose a series of questions inspired by the topic you have indicated. It is important to always review both the questions and the answers provided by TopWorksheets AI to check that they are correct and that they match the knowledge of your students.

TopWorksheets AI is now open to all teachers, with some limitations on the number of uses per month, depending on the teacher's premium plan.