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TopWorksheets has a library of thousands of worksheets created by users of the platform. These worksheets are available for any teacher to assign to their students, saving a lot of time in creating their own worksheets and allowing collaboration and sharing of materials.

To browse all these worksheets, select the Discover worksheets option in the sidebar. By default, a list of worksheets recommended for you will be displayed, based on your country, language and the courses you teach, but you can search and filter by multiple concepts to find the worksheets you are interested in.

You only have to set the filters you want (language, subject, country, grade,...) and click on the Search button to display categorized public worksheets. You can also search by text, which will look in the title and in the description of the worksheet.

Once you find an interesting worksheet, just click on it to access its page and you will be able to assign it to your students, mark it as a favorite,…