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How to create an assignment in Google Classroom

We can send worksheets to Google Classroom to create assignments for our students. The process is identical to the process when assigning tasks to students in the TopWorksheets platform. We just need to select the Google Classroom group we have previously imported.

To start the process we need to go to the worksheet page and click on the Assign as task to students button. Once we have clicked this button we will follow the same procedure as the Assign a worksheet as task to students.

Assign as task to students

If what we want is assign multiple tasks to our Google Classroom group we need to access the folder where the worksheets are and click on the Assign folder to group button and follow the same procedure as Assign multiple tasks to our students

When we are done, independently of the process we have followed, we can access Google Classroom and we'll see the tasks published (or pending to publish if we selected a Publish date in the future) and track them, see when the students do the tasks and what grade they get.