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A fun exercise for our students is the Wordsearch, where they have to find a series of words related with a concept, with a list or with drawings.

Creating a wordsearch in TopWorksheets is very simple. We can do it by uploading an image as the background of the worksheet with the wordsearch already drawn there or by creating the wordsearch manually.

Wordsearch from the background image

We just have to add the field around the space where the wordsearch is located. To make it easier, the system will try to detect automatically how many rows and columns the wordsearch has, although we can always modify it if necessary.

Once the number of rows and columns is set we can mark each of the cells with the letters that the student has to choose by clicking on them with the mouse.

Wordsearch created manually

In this case, we just have to add the field where we want to place the wordsearch and input the numbers of columns and rows that we want it to have. Next, we click on Generate wordsearch manually. We can also choose the colour the cells will have when selected by the students.

Generate wordsearch manually

A window will appear with the wordsearch generator. There we can select the direction in which the words can be hidden: horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even inverted. In the section below, we will write down the words the student must find. When we click on Generate the wordsearch will be automatically created.

In both wordsearch types (with background image or manually generated) we can select the background color of the cells and the color of the checked cells. And in the manually generated wordsearchs we have additional configuration: select the font, font size and color of the letters and also if we want to show the letters in uppercase or lowercase.

Here you can see a video showing how a student will see the Wordsearch field:

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