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Interactive video

TopWorksheets has written answer, video or YouTube fields available. Interactive video field is the perfect combination of all of these fields: it allows asking questions while an explanatory video is playing.

In this field, you can show a YouTube video or upload your own video (this last option is only available to premium plan users) and add questions in different moments of the videothat will pop out to the students while the video is playing.

Interactive video field

Once the video is ready, you can add questions by clicking on the Add questions to video button. A new window will appear, where you can play the video and add questions to it.

To add questions you must play the video until the moment you want or use the bottom scrollbar, and click on the Add question at this point button. After clicking the button a dropdown menu will appear where we can select between Written answer (where students must write the answer) or Multiple choice (where students can mark one or more answers as the correct ones). The video will pause (if it was playing) and a form will be shown where you must input the question text and the correct answers. Additionally if you have selected Multiple choice you will need to mark which answers are correct and which are incorrect. You can't add two questions at the same point nor add a question before the video has started.

Add question to interactive video

Once you finish adding the question, you can resume the video or use the scrollbar to go to any point of the video and add more questions.

To edit a question, click on the circle in the point where you added the question and the form with the data will be shown.

Once you are done, you can see the questions in the left sidebar when you select the field in the worksheet.


While students are doing the worksheet, they will be able to play the video and it will pause on each point where a question has been placed and will pop out the question. The grade of this field will be calculated weighing the field score with the number of correct answers. For example, if you give the Interactive video field a 5 points score and you add 5 questions, the student will obtain 1 point for each correct answer.

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