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How to use custom backgrounds

This feature is only available for users with the Platinum plan

When creating new tabs, it's typical to use the same elements in each page: logo, header, footer,... To make it easier to create new pages you can use custom backgrounds. This makes it quick and easy to add pages with the elements you need.

To create a page with a custom background choose the option Use an existing document when adding the page. Then click Choose custom background.

The list of custom backgrounds will be displayed and, if you still haven't added any , you can create it there with the Create new custom background option.

To create a new custom background, you just have to enter the name to identify it and select the file with the background. This can be in JPG or PDF format; in the latter case, the uploaded PDF must have only one page.

Once you have uploaded your custom backgrounds, you just have to click on the one you want to create a new page with that background, which you can reuse as many times as needed.

You can also create custom backgrounds from a page created from an existing file. For this, you must go to the page whose background you want to convert into a custom background and click on the tool icon at the bottom right. From there, select the Save page as custom background option. Enter the name to identify the custom background and you will have it ready to reuse it when you need it.