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How to use existing worksheets

To make it easier to create new worksheets, we can use existing ones as a template. We can duplicate our own worksheets and worksheets not created by us and modify everything we need to create the new one.

Duplicate our own worksheet

To duplicate our own worksheet we must do it from the My worksheets list. Once we find the card we want to duplicate we must click on the three-dot icon and select the option Duplicate worksheet. This will show a window where we will input the name of the new worksheet. Once we click on Duplicate, the new worksheet will be created as a draft, which we can modify and publish at any time.

Copy other teachers' worksheets

Copy worksheet to my account

If we want to duplicate worksheets not made by us we can do it from the worksheet view, clicking on Copy worksheet to my account. A window will appear to input the title of the new worksheet. When clicking on the Copy button, the worksheet will be copied in our account as a draft.

In this case, as the original worksheet is not ours, we can only publish the new one as private.