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Saving a task progress

Sometimes doing a worksheet requires too much time and there’s not enough school time or the day hasn’t enough hours. That’s why TopWorksheets allows students to continue a task saving the progress for later.

Saving a task progress on an open group

The task progress is automatically saved as a student is answering it and even if the student closes the browser window the progress is saved.

To recover the progress the student simple needs to access the task again and a confirmation windown will ask to recover the progress.

Recover a task progress

On open groups this feature is only available if the whole process is done on the same device.

Saving a task progress on a closed group

On closed groups the students will be able to save the progress in the student account. To do that, while they are answering a task a Continue later button will appear on top.

Clicking this button the progress will be saved in the student account and could be recovered opening task on any device.