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How to correct student answers

If a task has open questions, when you receive your student submission you must correct the answers before getting the final grade. You can find all the submissions pending correction in the Submissions tab of the group by using the Correction filter with the value Only pending correction. You will see a list of all the submissions you still haven't corrected.

When you open the student's submission, you will see that open questions have an additional box where you can indicate if the answer is correct or incorrect. Click on the option you want in each of the open questions and, once they are all corrected, click on the Correct submission button. Then the final grade of the worksheet will be calculated and displayed.

You can also change the correction in submissions that are already graded by clicking on Change answers correction option. You can change the correction or the score assigned. For example, if an answer is not completely correct, you can assign it a score of 0.7 out of 1. This assigned score will appear in the bottom-right part of the field.