Simple present - adverbs of frequency ? - +

Language: Spanish
Subject: Otra > Otra
Transform the sentences into questions.
Answer the following questions with complete sentences
Simple present - Adverbs of frequency
Example : Does your father cook for lunch? No, he doesn't cook for lunch.
5th grade Sec - Mr. Herrera
Do you eat breakfast at 7 o´clock? Yes, I eat breakfast at 7 o'clock.
1. Alan likes apples.
2. I play football.
What's your name?:
How often does your brother wash the car? He usually washes the car.
Follow your teacher's instructions
3. My dad washes the car.
4. We don't drive a bus.
1. Do you get up at 10 o'clock on Monays?
Which personal pronouns work with DO? Which personal pronouns work with DOES?
Personla pronouns: I- you - he - she - it - they - we
2. Do your parents have lunch at half past one in the afternoon?
6. It doesn't eat meat.
5. Sam studies German.
Space to write
Space to write
3. How often do you use socail media?
7. Samuel and Gin don't sleep early.
8. Those lions attack people.
Read the sentences and complete the spaces:
Negative sentences don't - doesn't / To say NO
4. Do you use Telegram more than WhatsApp?
1. Miguel, Mike and I usually wake up at half past seven. Do we need sleep ealy the nigth before?
2. Does Ginna study at two o'clock?
5. Do your parents go out on weekends?
3. They don't often speak english at home.
4. Does Jhon stay up until midnight? Do their parents work outisde?
6. How often does your father work on weekends?
1. I ________________________________
play the guitar.
5. Does your pet run fast? Do you love it?
6. Do I have to study more to learn english?
2. You _______________________________
tidy your room.
7. How often does your mother watch YouTube on weekdays?
3. She _______________________________
buy meat.
Questions with do and does.
Write do or does.
6. We _______________________________
live in Egypt.
I sing well?
that monkey eat bananas?
8. Do your cousin study at university?
5. A snail _____________________________
you play football?
we play video games?
8. They ______________________________
clean the bathroom.
that man read books?
you and he travel by bus?
9. How often do you and your friends from school meet to go to the mall?
7. You _______________________________
have a boat.
Gin speak English?
Gin and Jhon go to school?
4. He ________________________________
sing rock.
your teacher live in London?
dogs like cats?
9. This girl ____________________________go to the disco.
10. Bats ______________________________
lay eggs.