Comparative adj II (Copia)

Language: Spanish
Subject: Otra > Otra
Comparative adjectives II
2. Complete the sentences using the correct comparative forms of the verbs.
4th grade SEC. - Mr. Herrera
1. My father is ___________________
_________than my mother. (old)
What's your full name?
2. Chinese is ________________________________than English. (difficult)
1. Write the correct comparative form of the adjectives below the photos.
3. Jane lives ______________________________
the city than you. (near)
old - popular - tall - expensive - complicated - fast - big - happy - healthy
4. The car is _______________________________
than we thought. (bad)
5. Tigers are ________________________________
than rats. (dangerous)
6. Dogs are_______________________________
than rabbits. (intelligent)
7. My uncle is_________________________________
than my aunt. (fat)
8. Cars are________________________________
than bikes. (expensive)
stronger than
9. Cakes look_______________________________
than bread. (delicious)
10. My cat is_________________________________
than your dog. (ugly)
11. This man is _______________________________
than that one. (clever)
12. Oranges are ________________________________
than pizzas. (good)