Language: Spanish
Subject: Inglés > Gramática
School grade: Peru Peru > Secundaria > 4º grado
Age: 15 - 16
Tags: #white
Who has an eco-friendly routine Camila or Muriel? Write the name.
What is an eco-friendly routine?
Look at the pictures and answer: Who is Camila and who is Muriel?
Complete using frequency adverbs, then match pictures
Read sentences and choose the correct option.
I (0%) ____________ pick up the garbage.
She (90%) ____________ sorts the garbage into plastic and glass.
I (50%) ____________ water plants from the garden.
1. Wakes up at 7 o’clock
2. Goes to the market at 10 o’clock.
She (0%) ____________ watches tvin the afternoon.
She (100%) ____________ throws the garbage away.
I (70%) ____________ use plastic bags in the super.
3. Plays soccer on Saturdays.
4. Buys plastic cups of juice.
5. Watches TV at 3 o’clock.
6. Takes recycled bags and glass containers to the market.
7. Uses plastic bags from the supermarket.
Read and choose.
8. Sorts the garbage into plastic, paper and organic.
The frequency adverbs (always, usually, often, etc.) go _____________ the main verb.
9. Waters the plants on Sunday mornings.