Developments in Communication

Postal services. Developments in communication. Influences of developments in communication on us.
Language: English
Subject: Social Science > History
Age: 10 - 11


A. Answer the following multiple choice questions.

1. Which of the following services cannot be found if you go to a Brunei post office?

A) Pay for and renew licences

B) Buy stamps

C) Send parcels

D) Buy groceries

2. What is the main purpose of a stamp?

A) To show that delivery has been paid for a letter or a package.

B) To show the culture of a country and attract tourists.

C) To pay for bills instead of using money.

D) To replace cash and coins to pay for something.

3. What kind of signals does sound change into when using a telephone?

A) X-ray technology

B) Electric signals

C) Radio frequency

D) Wireless technology

4. Which of the following led to the invention of radio?

A) Satellite technology

B) Aeroplane technology

C) Radio frequency

D) X-ray technology

5. Telecommunication means sending and receiving messages using electricity and ____________.

A) teleporting devices

B) X-ray technology

C) communication

D) electronic devices

6. How are sounds and images from another part of the world able to reach us immediately?

A) Earth orbit

B) Apple

C) Satellite technology

D) Printer

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B.. Short responses question.

7. What are the influences of the developments of communication on us?

Example: A) Study and research