Intermedium 4 Final exam units 10-12. Grammar and Writing.

Personal Best B1+
Language: English
Subject: English language > Writing
School grade: Mexico Mexico > Otros > Adultos
Age: 10 - 80

Intermedium 4 Final exam units 10-12. Grammar and Writing.

Personal Best B1+


Grammar. (25 points) Exercise 1 (8 points)

Choose the best option to complete the sentences.

Question 1

1.- A) What does your brother do?
B) He's _____ doctor.

Question 2

2.- If I _____ early, I would have arrived on time.

Question 3

A) I can't cook very well.
B) Neither _____.

Question 4

She is totally wet, it _____ be raining!

Question 5

_____ people are very weird sometimes.

Question 6

If he'd studied, he _____ the exam.

Question 7

A) I wouldn't go to that place.
B) Oh, I _____.

Question 8

Robert _____ be a mechanic when his car broke down, he didn't know what to do.

Exercise 2 (8 points)

Complete the sentences so taht they mean the same as the first one.

Question 9

She is a doctor. She prescribed me when I was sick. (Definite article)
She is _____ doctor who prescribed me when I was sick.




Question 10

I worked yesterday so I couldn't go to the concert. (third conditional)
If I ______ yesterday, I ______ to the concert.

didn't work/would go

don't work/can go

hadn't worked/could have gone

Question 11

A) I have lived abroad! B) I have lived abroad, too.
A) I have lived abroad! B) _______.

So have I

I do, too

So has I

Question 12

I'm sure she is Olivia's sister because they look alike. (modal of deduction)
She _____ _____ Olivia's sister because they look alike.




Question 13

They come to visit us on december and may.
They visit us ______.

two times a year.

once a year.

twice a year.

Question 14

We don't have money so we don't buy a car. (second conditional)
If we _____, we ____ buy a house.

have money/'ll buy

had money/'d buy

'd had money/would've bought

Question 15

A) She hasn't done her homework. B) My son hasn't done his homework either.
A) She hasn't done her homework. B) _______.

neither does my son

neither have he

neither has my son

Question 16

It's possible that your girlfriend is at home.
Your girlfriend ______ at home.

may be

should be

mustn't be

Exercise 3 (5 points)

Questions 17 to 20

Match each definition with the corresponding concept.

A genre of literature characterized by imaginative or creative writing.

A. Literature

A form of government in which power is held by the people, who exercise it through elected representatives.

C. Geography

The study of the Earth's physical features, climate, and weather patterns.

B. Democracy

The process of transmitting or receiving information through electronic or digital methods.

D. Technology

A system of communication using sounds, words, and grammar.

E. Language

Exercise 4 (4 points)

Answer the questions.

Question 22

Identify the verb tense used in the following sentence:

"She will be studying abroad next semester."

Question 23

Correct the following sentence: "I have went to the store yesterday."

Question 24

Complete the sentence:
"Neither of the students turned in __________ homework on time."

Question 25

Rearrange the words to form a sentence:
"Yesterday, saw I a movie interesting."

Writing. (25 points)

Look at the pictures and write a description for each one.