English Language Skills Test B - 2Q

Language: English
Subject: English language > Writing
Age: 15 - 16

English Language Skills Test

Reading Part 1

[questions 1-5]

Read the messages and, for each question, choose the correct answer.


Chris and Alex have arranged to meet at the café on Saturday.

Chris knows that Alex has already come back from his holiday.

Chris hasn't heard from Alex since Alex went on holiday.


Jack is going to visit Helen's mother tomorrow.

Ray's car had a problem.

Jack and Helen want to spend time together on Saturday.


Some passengers on a ferry to Guernsey got killed in a storm at midnight.

Passengers can probably travel tomorrow, but they need to ask for confirmation from the ferry company.

People can't travel to Guernsey tomorrow because a storm has damaged the ferries.


You don't have to leave your house to attend the classes, because the tutor will come to you.

The classes are free of charge.

If you register now, you won't have to pay for the first lesson.


The trip will take place only when the weather gets beteer.

Mr Griffiths doesn't think the class will be disappointed.

Mr Griffiths has just informed Alpine Tours that the trip won't take place.

Reading Part 2

[questions 6-10]

Read the text and, for each question, choose the correct answer.


What is the writer trying to do in the text?


What does the text say about "I Want to sing to the Stars"?


Why did Mary-Jess go to China?


How did Mary-Jess feel when she first returned to England?


Which text message could Mary-Jess's mother have on her phone?

Reading Part 3

questions 11-20

Complete the text. Write ONE word in each space.

A Holiday in London

My friend and I have just

a great holiday in London.

We got to the airport


Sunday evening, and we decided to take a taxi, even though it was very

expensive. The taxi took us

our hotel, which was very nice. The next day we

up early and

an enormous breakfast.

After breakfast we visited an art gallery

name I can't remember. There

were lots of amazing paintings, and we really enjoyed looking


In the afternoon we went

boat down the river to Greenwich. I didn't know there

was so much to see there! As well as the Maritime Museum and the Observatory, there

is a beautiful park. From the top of the hill you get a view of the City of London. I think

we walked around the park for more than two

because it was getting dark

we left.

Listening Part 1

[questions 1-5]

Teenage Musician

You will hear a girl called Amanda talking about her love of music.
The text has been divided into paragraphs. You can listen to each paragraph more than once. For each question, choose the correct answer.


How long has Amy been into music?
For four years.
Since she began secondary school.
For twelve years.
Since she was six.



How did Amy start to play the piano?
She had after-school piano classes.
Her dad taught her the basics.
She had her own piano teacher.
Mrs Jones taught her.

When did Amy start playing jazz?
When she joined a school band.
When she gave up extra lessons.
After her first public event.
She started after a while.

What does Amy say about her first public event?
She played in small competititons after that.
She was annoyed at first.
She felt nervous about being on the stage.
She was surprised because the audience was very big.


What does Amy do now?
She has been studying jazz for a year.
She teaches music and writes a blog.
She plays in a band.
She gives lessons and writes songs.


Listening Part 2

[questions 6-10]

A Flight in a Hot Air Balloon

You will hear a girl called Amanda talking to her class about a hot air balloon flight she went on. The text has been divided into paragraphs.
You can listen to ech paragraph more than once.

Complete the sentences. Write ONE word in each space.

The flight in the balloon took

hours in all.

Amanda saw as far as the

from the balloon.

She flew over the

that she always crosses when she goes to school.

It was a bit uncomfortable inside the basket because she and her family couldn't
down but had to stand all the time.

The balloon finally landed on a


Writing - An email to a friend

Read this email from your English friend Alex and the notes you have made.

Write your email using all the notes.
Write about 100 words.