English Language Skills Test A - 2Q

Language: English
Subject: English language > Writing
Age: 15 - 16
English Language Skills Test
Reading Part 1
[questions 1-5]
Read the messages and, for each question, choose the correct answer.
Nadia wants to know when her friend is going to visit her.
Nadia has started hanging out with a new group of friends in London.
For Nadia the move from London to the village has been difficult.
Alex is meeting Katie at the yoga class at 6:30.
Katie borrowed Alex's mat, but now he wants it back because he needs it.
Alex doesn't remember that he lent his mat to Katie.
You can't apply for the job if you haven't done this type of work before.
Girls can't apply for the job.
If you get the job, you won't have to work in the week.
You can't rent more than one scooter.
It is cheaper to rent a scooter for a week than for six days.
If you book two scooters for a day, you have to pay £20.
You must clean the library and throw away packages after eating.
You can't take food or drinks into the library because you could ruin the books.
Some people have ruined some books by spilling food and drink.
Reading Part 2
[questions 6-10]
Read the text and, for each question, choose the correct answer.
What is Ed Gardner trying to do in the text?
Explain why pilots should start to train early for their careers.
Tell readers why he chose to be a pilot.
Discuss if teenagers should be allowed to fly planes.
Describing the work that becoming a pilot requires.
Ed's father, who is also a pilot, helped him by
flying with him on some passenger flights.
paying for all his training.
encouraging him to choose the right career for him.
letting him improve his skills in his small plane.
As a pilot, Ed was disappointed at first that
he couldn't do everything the captain did on the plane.
he had very little contact with passengers.
he sometimes got no free time before return flights.
he had to transport mail and not people.
What does Ed say about what he has achieved at his young age?
He thinks he's been lucky to join a company very quickly.
He thinks that what he has done can be very unusual.
He's very proud of the position he's got to.
He is sorry he didn't try anything else before he strted flying.
What could Ed write in an email to an old schoolfriend?
I last saw you at my party on my 17th birthday - sorry it finished early, but I was getting my pilot's licence the next day.
I had to travel miles to my first flying lessons.
I've checked the flight you are taking tomorrow - and I'll be one of your pilots! Hope you'll enjoy it!
My mum was worried when I flew alone for the first time - she even tried to convince me not to go.
Reading Part 3
[questions 11-20]
Complete the text with the correct words. Write one word in each space,
Daily Routine … in Space!
Complete the text. Write ONE word in each space.
Do you want to live in space? The best place to live in space is on the International
Space Station. It is a place for people to learn more
Space. It is located
between 330 and 435 kilometres above the Earth. Life on the Space Station is different.
Like many people here
Earth, people there wake up and brush
showers and wash their hair. But they
be very careful because
they don’t want to use lots of water. They must use special soap and shampoo.
When they eat breakfast, they must eat food they first bring with them from the Earth.
Again, they must be careful because they don’t want their food to float away!
After people on the Space Station finish breakfast,
start work. They don't
have to
a bus or a taxi. Their work is on the Space Station! After work, the
people there must do exercise. It is not easy to stay strong in space, so they exercise
more than two hours every day. They can exercise with running machines
and cycling machines. For fun, people on the Space Station can read books, watch
movies, listen to music and look out of the windows at the Earth. Once
week, they
can also talk
their friends and families back home.
Listening Part 1
[questions 1-5]
Arts Festival
You will hear a recorded message about an arts festival.
For each question, choose the correct answer.
The festival is from
20th to 28th May
12th to 18th May.
12th to 20th May.
12th to 28th May.
What is on at the Theatre Royal on 19th May?
classical music
On Sunday, 15th May, a band is playing
dance music
pop music
country music
Irish music
When are the jazz concerts at the Corn Exchange?
every two weeks
on Friday nights until 1 o'clock
at lunchtime on Fridays
on free days at 1 p.m.
During the concerts a bar will sell
soft drinks and sausages
wine and sandwiches
wine and soft drinks
wine, soft drinks and sandwiches
Listening Part 2
[questions 6-10]
Poetry Competition for Schools
You will hear a schoolteacher talking to a group of students about a national poetry competition.
The competition for students between 11 and 14 years of age is called the
The topic for this year is
The title of last year’s winning poem was
This year the prize money available is
If successful, the school will spend the money on the
Writing - An email to a friend
Write about 100 words.