Vacations - Vocabulary

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
School grade: Argentina Argentina > Primaria
Age: 9 - 50

Vacations - Vocabulary

My dad and I ___________ for a bike ride lastweekend.

When I visit a new city, I always __________ to see the famous landmarks.

go sightseeing

have a barbecue

go to a concert

I like to ____________ in the park every evening.

go for a pizza

hang out with

go for a walk

Sarah's family recently got a cat, and she __________ of it every day.

goes sightseeing

has a barbecue

takes care

On Saturdays, I usually __________ my friends at the mall.

The weather was perfect yesterday, so we ___________ in the backyard.

had a barbecue

will ride a horse

went to a museum

During our vacation, we _________ a museum to learn about the local history.

hang out with

are going to visit

will stay

We went to Cordoba last week and we __________ in a hotel.




I parked my car in the __________ near the shopping center.

parking lot

youth hostel


Let's _________ a day trip to the beach and enjoy the sun and sand.

go to

go on

gor for