The Exorcist Believer B1

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
Age: 14 - 16
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The Exorcist Believer


a. suggesting evil or harm, having a threatening or menacing appearance or nature

b. a group or organization characterized by extreme devotion to a particular person, idea, or belief system.

c. describing a place or situation that is extremely peaceful, beautiful, and perfect.

d. the act of making something unclear or indistinct.

e. having or showing a desire to cause harm or suffering to others, often with malicious intent

f. deeply religious and committed to one's faith.

g. causing a feeling of coldness or fear.

h. completely broken into pieces.

i. the things that someone owns or possesses.

j. an attitude of doubt or disbelief towards something.

The Exorcist Believer

In the peaceful, idyllic town of Willowbrook, Father Daniel ______ known as the Exorcist Believer, a devout priest who believes ______ demonic possessions. The town is a place where modern skepticism faces with age-old superstitions. ______ Father Daniel goes about his routine duties, the tranquility is shattered by a series of inexplicable, sinister events that terrorize ______ community.

Frightened and desperate, the townspeople turn to Father Daniel ______ help. Believing in his faith, he takes on the challenge, determined to confront the malevolent forces in his town. ______, as he goes deeper into the mysteries, he uncovers a web of darkness that transcends the limits of his belief. It seems that ______ ancient, sinister cult is responsible for these malevolent occurrences, one that has grown in the shadows for centuries.

As Father Daniel battles ______ relentless evil, he finds himself in a perilous race against time. The Exorcist Believer is a story of strong faith ______ the blurring line between the seen and unseen. Father Daniel not only confronts external malevolence ______ also the inner demons that threaten to consume him, all in a chilling battle for the soul of Willowbrook.

The Exorcist Believer


1. Father Daniel is known as the Exorcist Believer in the town of Willowbrook.

2. Willowbrook is a town where modern skepticism is prevalent.

3. Father Daniel is a priest who doesn't believe in demonic possessions.

4. The tranquility of Willowbrook is disrupted by a series of unexplained events.

5. The townspeople turn to Father Daniel for help when they are frightened and desperate.

6. Father Daniel uncovers a web of darkness that has grown in the shadows for the last decade.

7. An ancient man is responsible for the malevolent occurrences in Willowbrook.

8. Father Daniel battles external malevolence in his fight against evil.

9. The Exorcist Believer is a story of weak faith and doubt.

10. Father Daniel confronts only external demons in his battle for the soul of Willowbrook.