Reinforcement Unit 1

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
Age: 7 - 8

Unit 1 Kids in my class! Extra activity

1. Choose the correct word.

My brother is nice to everyone. He is

My cousin is not serious. She is

My best friend helps me do homework. He is very

My mother likes to talk to everyone. She is not

2. Read and choose.

My sister's hair is longer than my hair.

Your dog is bigger than Bobby's dog.

Our school is older than their school.

My backpack is heavier than your backpack.

3. Look at the two pictures. Read and choose.

I have two different teachers. Mr. Marshall is ________ than Mrs. Ivy.

Mr. Marshall's hair is_________ and _________.

Mrs. Ivy's black hair is very _________ .

She wears _________.

They are both nice, but Mrs. Ivy is ________. We have fun in her class.