Haunted Mansion

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Age: 12 - 14
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Haunted Mansion


a. to force someone to leave a place as

b. a distinct and independent being or existence

c. unable to escape from a particular situation or place

d. having abilities beyond normal sensory perception, to predict the future or communicate with the spirit world

e. a gathering where people attempt to communicate with the spirits of the dead, usually through a medium

f. information or facts that support something to be true

g. a scientist who studies the physical properties and behavior of celestial objects in space

h. believed to be visited by ghosts or spirits from the afterlife

i. to reach the same level or position as someone or something that was ahead of you before

j. to start living in a new place, especially a house or apartment

Haunted Mansion

After meeting Alyssa at a New Year's _______ and marrying her, Ben becomes caught up in the supernatural. Alyssa tragically _______, leading Ben to give up his career as an astrophysicist and continue her _______ tour. He searches for Alyssa's presence in haunted places but finds no evidence of ghosts.

Years later, Dr. Gabbie and her son Travis _______ Gracey Manor, discovering it's haunted. Father Kent recruits Ben to photograph the ghosts at the manor. Ben initially doubts the _______ of ghosts but is haunted himself. Gabbie, Travis, and Kent also experience _______.

The group, joined by _______ Harriet, uncovers a hidden _______ room and contacts the trapped spirit of Gracey. They learn about an evil entity, Alistair Crump, and work to _______ him. In the end, they make peace with the past and find closure, living alongside the _______'s friendly ghosts.

Haunted Mansion


1. Ben becomes an astrophysicist after meeting Alyssa.

2. Alyssa dies tragically, leading Ben to give up his career.

3. Ben searches for Alyssa's presence in haunted places.

4. Ben finds evidence of ghosts in the haunted places he visits.

5. Dr. Gabbie and her son Travis move into Gracey Manor.

6. Ben is initially skeptical about the existence of ghosts.

7. Gabbie, Travis, and Kent do not experience any hauntings.

8. The group is joined by a psychic named Harriet.

9. The group uncovers a hidden seance room in Gracey Manor.

10. The group banishes the evil entity, Alistair Crump.