School and schooling

Language: English
Subject: English language > Spelling
Age: 12 - 13

School and schooling

School in Amerika begins…

At the beginning of September

At the end of August

On the second week of Septeber

Linda doesn’t like it when…

Summer holidays finish

Autumn comes

She comes to school early

Linda lives in…

A big European city

A big American city

A big English city

On the first days of school pupils…

Talk a lot

Play games a lot

Run a lot

Linda’s classes begin at 9 a. m. ...

Every day

On the 1st of September

On the first day of school

Linda thinks the first days of school after holidays are…

The worst

As good as all other days

Her happiest days at school

The main character is Linda.

She talks about her beloved pet.

She love the long summer vacation' and never want to go back to school when it finishes.

She have to be at school at 9.00 a.m.

On the second day at school they usually tell each other what they did in summer.

The first days of school are like a big party because everybody sees their friends again.

Find the words in the text that Linda uses to talk:
a) about herself
b) about first days at school