Identify the main idea

Language: English
Subject: English language > Reading comprehension
School grade: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Tags: main idea

Identify the main idea

Read the following paragraph and answer the questions below:

‘Time to eat!’ came the sudden call of his mother. Thomas’s mouth opened in dismay. ‘But I’ve not finish … ’ His howl was interrupted as the controller slipped from his hands and fell, clattering heavily, to the ground. It skidded across the polished wooden floor, and came to a sharp, juddering halt against the wall, before neatly cracking open. Red and yellow control buttons performed small cartwheels and two small batteries escaped their case. A joystick mischievously popped its head out of its base, shoulders heaving, as if in barely controlled sniggering at the spectacle.

What is the topic of the paragraph?

What is the main idea of the paragraph (what does the writer want to say about the topic?)