Able Seaman

Language: English
Subject: English language > Reading comprehension
Age: 15 - 70

Able Seaman

What is the role of an Able Seaman on board a ship?

Cooking meals for the crew

Assisting with navigation and steering the ship

Entertaining passengers with music

Cleaning the captain's cabin

Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of an Able Seaman?

Assisting with mooring and anchoring the ship

Maintaining the ship's deck equipment

Performing surgery on injured crew members

Standing watch and lookout duties

What equipment is an Able Seaman responsible for maintaining on board?

Radar systems

Gardening tools

Musical instruments

Lifeboats and life-saving equipment

In case of an emergency, what is an Able Seaman trained to do?

Abandon the ship immediately

Assist passengers with their luggage

Perform first aid and rescue operations

Hide in the engine room

Which of the following is a safety precaution an Able Seaman must take on board?

Wearing a life jacket at all times

Leaving the engine room unattended

Playing loud music on deck

Ignoring weather warnings

What is the primary duty of an Able Seaman during navigation?

Serving drinks to the crew

Taking photographs of the scenery

Maintaining a lookout for other vessels

Sleeping in the crew quarters

What type of communication skills are essential for an Able Seaman?

Singing sea shanties

Speaking multiple foreign languages

Using Morse code and radio communication

Avoiding all forms of communication

During a storm, what is an Able Seaman expected to do to help the ship navigate safely?

Dance on the deck to appease the sea gods

Secure loose items and equipment on deck

Close all windows in the crew quarters

Take a nap in the captain's cabin

Why is physical fitness important for an Able Seaman?

To win arm-wrestling contests with other crew members

To perform daily exercises for entertainment

To be able to handle heavy ropes and equipment on deck

To avoid all physical activity