Flip Activity

Language: English
Subject: English language > Listening
School grade: Ecuador Ecuador

Flip Activity

Watch the video and complete the sentences.

1.- We us "There is" for...

2.- We use "there are" for

Flip Activity

Look at the picture and select the correct sentence.

3.- Choose the correct sentences.

There is a crayon

There are two chairs

There is a desk

There are three scissors

There is a notebook

There are some books

There is a lion

There is a board

There are one desk

There is a bagpack

There is a blue ruler

There is a green pen

There is a computer

There are four pink sharpeners

There are scissors

There is a yellow ruler

Flip Activity

Listen, read and write the correct answers. (write everything in lowercase letters). Use there is and there are.

1.- How many boats are there?

2.- How many cars are there?

3.- How many birds are there?

Flip Activity

4.- How many steps are there?

Flip Activity

Look the picture and match the sentences.

across from the travel agent

There is a grocery store

between the book store and the bank.

There is a park

on the corner of Main street and Maple street

There is swimming pool

There is a chinese restaurant

next to the drugstore