workout resume

Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
School grade: Poland Poland
workout resume
he ( to cross ) the road when he saw that famous POLICY
open the brackets using the correct tense and making the words
I ( to use ) to be scared that i would END( закон4у ) like my father
after the INVEST (make) the business started to grow
I hope you will TURN (обратишься) me for help if you (need) it
you have to return before midnight because after 12 p.m. the carriage превратится ( TURN ) a pumpkin
react using the word(s)

steve has failed the test - ( cram )
i have been working on this exercise for hours and i still can't understand how to do it - ( figure out )
helen's performance was brilliant !! - ( brag about )
you can't buy everything here - ( pick out )
you don't follow my instructions - ( vague )
you have a lot of work to do - ( deal with )
i don't have enough information - ( provide )
if he continues living like this ... ( end up )
complete the sentence using the word(s)
he had to deal with his problems himself because ... ( turn to )
connect the synonyms and translations
pick out
deal with
brag about
figure out
show off