Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
School grade: Vietnam Vietnam


I. Complete the sentences with the phrases given
vacuum the floor
do the shopping
set the table
wash the dishes
feed the dog
do the laundry
water the plants
take the rubbish out
1, My grandfather is raising a dog. He has to _____ everyday
2. Don't forget to _____ or the room will smell terrible the next day
3. You have to _____ after finishing a meal. every day to get clean clothes.
4. I _____ every day to get clean clothes
5. You should _____ before cleaning it
6 My sister helped me _____ before we had dinner.
7. If you don't _____, they can't grow well and will die soon.
8 My mother doesn't let me _____ because I usually buy the wrong things

II. Fill in the blank with the correct words from the box
feed shopping sweeps table do
water wash fixes taking
In our family, we split the household chores equally. My parents have three children, and we all help with the chores. I am the big brother of two little sisters, so do most of the housework. Normally, my mother is responsible for doing the (1)_____ and setting the (2)_____. I want to help my mom with the shopping, but she fears that I buy the wrong things. Mom wants me to help her (3)_____ the laundry and (4) _____ the dishes. I don't like (5) _____ the rubbish out, but I still have to do it. My sisters love dogs so much, and they are taking care of two puppies. These two little girls (6) _____ the dogs and play with them all the time. My sisters also (7) _____ the plants, but sometimes they forget this duty and I have to do it for them. My father (8) _____ He sometimes (9) _____ the floor every day. things in the house, too.

III. Choose the correct option
1. In my family, I am responsible for making / doing / setting the cooking.

2. Both my parents go to work and do / make / break the housework.

3. The children set / do / make their own beds every morning.

4. My father helps my mother vacuum / water / make the floor every weekend.

5. Stop doing / making / running a mess! I am tired of cleaning all time!

6. Can you help me do / make / fix the ironing? I need this suit for the party tonight.

7. If you lose in the game, you will have to make / feed / do the cleaning the whole week.

IV. Give the correct form of the words in brackets
1. My sister (be) __________ responsible for watering the plants.

2. I (clean) __________ the kitchen. My sister (sweep) __________ the floor, then (mop) __________ it.

__________ you (like) __________ cleaning the kitchen?

3. My brother (walk) __________ the dog and (take) __________ out the rubbish, but he (not like) __________ it.

4. I (be) __________ terrible at vacuuming the floor.

5. My children (swap) __________ chores with each other sometimes.

V. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs from the box
wash go put feed help
like dust dry do cook
In Japan, around 44.8% of women stay at home after their first child is born. The wives (1) _________ most of the housework, and their husbands rarely (2) _________ with the household chores. Mrs. Tamako is a typical Japanese housewife. Every day, she wakes up at 6 o'clock and starts preparing breakfast for her husband and the kids. After everyone leaves the house, she (3) _________ to the supermarket to buy groceries. Tamako does the shopping every day to buy fresh food because her husband doesn't (4) _________ keeping the food in the fridge. Tamako gets back home at about 9 o'clock and (5) _________ the clothes. Then, she (6) _________ the furniture and vacuums the floor. Tamako always (7) _________ the baby on time, but she usually skips her lunch. In the afternoon, after picking up the children at school, she (8) _________ dinner for the family. Tamako does all the washing-up, and her children take the rubbish out. Before bedtime, she (9) _________ the clothes and the children (10) _________ them away. It is usually said that men make houses, women make homes.

VIII. Rewrite the sentences using the given words
1. They are such helpful assistants. (so)
-> These assistants
2. We are very good friends. (such)
-> We
3. The girl is so independent that she does everything herself. (such)
-> She
4. The film was so interesting that we couldn’t miss it. (such)
-> It
5. It was such a difficult lesson that we didn’t understand it. (so)
-> The lesson

IX. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets
1. ___________ (share) household chores is important to have a healthy and happy family.

2. My sister only has to ___________ (take) the dog for a walk every afternoon.

3. I was assigned the task of ___________ (dust) the furniture and ___________ (vacuum) the floor.

4. My dad never lets my mum ___________ (do) any housework because she is already so busy.

5. My wife asked me ___________ (buy) laundry detergent on my way home, but I totally forgot it.

X. Write an email of about 120-150 words to your friend to describe your household chores.