Practice Future Tense

Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
School grade: Colombia Colombia

Practice Future Tense

You ________ by train. (travel)

Affirmative forms (will - be goind to)

You _______ a new house. (build)

Affirmative forms - write.

The weather ________better (be)

Negative forms (will - be goind to)

They ________ to the beach. (go)

Negative forms (will - be goind to)

What the children / learn ?

Interrogative forms (will - be goind to)

Choose the correct option (will)


They drive the red car

She will buying the red car

She will buy the red car

They are going to buying the car

Choose the correct option (will)


He will not send me the email

He won't send me the letter.

He is not going to sending the letter

He will not sending me the letter

_____you ______me? (help)

Interrogative form (will)

When _______ I ______ you again? (see)

Interrogative Form

It _______ us three hours to get there. (to take)

Contraction negative form