English Grammar III - Final Exam

This is an exam for Grammar III
Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
Age: 18 - 30


Names:                                                        &                                                      

Date:                                           Total Score: 25 points

I. Basic Grammar (8 points)

1. Complete the sentence using the zero conditional: (2 points) If it                    (rain), plants                     (grow). 

2. Choose the correct preposition to indicate place: (2 points) a) The keys are             (in/at/on) the drawer. b) We'll meet             (in/at/on) the park. 

3. Complete with 'very' or 'too': (2 points) a) The soup is                   hot to eat right now. b) This movie is                  interesting. 

4. Rewrite the sentence using passive voice: (2 points) "They sell fresh fruit at this market." Fresh fruit                                                                                .

II. Intermediate Structures (10 points)

5. Complete using the first conditional: (2 points) If it                       (snow) tomorrow, we                           (go) skiing.

6. Use the future perfect tense: (2 points) By next month, they                            (finish) the project.

7. Complete using 'too many' or 'too much': (2 points) a) There are                 students in this classroom. b) He spends                  time playing video games.

8. Transform into reported speech: (2 points) She said, "I will call you tomorrow." She said that                                                     .

9. Use modals to give advice: (2 points) Your friend is feeling stressed. What would you say? (Use 'should') You                                                             .

III. Advanced Application (7 points)

10. Complete using the third conditional: (2 points) If I                           (wake up) earlier, I                         (not/be) late for work.

11. Use 'enough + noun' or 'more + noun' to complete: (2 points) a) We don't have              information to make a decision. b) The team needs            players to compete.

12. Complete using the past perfect continuous: (2 points) When the taxi arrived, we                                                                         (wait) for 20 minutes.

13. Give advice using "If I were you": (1 point) Your classmate is struggling with English. What would you say? If I were you, I                                                                                                                                                                                        .