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Workbook - Hide pages


Hi there, 

Sorry to bother you again, this question is not urgent. I've been trying out the new workbook feature and it is great to organize worksheets. However, I have one question about hiding pages. I like the idea of being able to hide the page, so the student doesn't jump ahead or get confused. Or to hide extra workbook materials that all students might not need. However, is it possible to hide pages for individual groups or it would hide those pages for all groups that the workbook is assigned to. 

The reason I ask, is that the groups will be working on the workbooks at different speeds, so one might take longer to finish some worksheets than others. I tried to test this out to see if I'm missing something, so please tell me if I'm wrong. But it seems that if you hide a worksheet in the workbook it will be hidden for all groups assigned and there is no way to hide different worksheets for different groups. Is this correct?

Thanks again for all the help!

by Charlie Ziese
3 days ago


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the suggestion, we will look into it, but at the moment this is not in the feature roadmap.

We'll keep you posted.

Hi Charlie,

As an alternative, you can duplicate the workbook and use different workbooks for each group. This way you can hide / show worksheets independently.

Hope this is of help.

Sacha TopWorksheets 3 days ago

Ok, thanks so much. The workbooks are a great feature and I'll use them, just without hiding worksheets or by making duplicates. Thanks again! :)

Charlie Ziese 2 days ago