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What’s New (May 28th 2021) (Week 21)

Hello everybody! We’re dropping here the news of this week:

  • Word Search: This new type of field is now available. Furthermore, it has automatic row and column detection. A tool that will give students lots of fun!

  • Country and Education Level Filters: We have new filters! In the general searcher, in My Worksheets and in Favourites. A shortcut that will save us time when looking for worksheets from a specific country or education level.

  • Change the background image of a page : This option allows you to upload another document once we have started a worksheet. Very useful, for example, if we see that the template has an error and we don’t want to lose all the progress made in the worksheet.

  • Download your diploma in PDF: If you have already passed the TopWorksheets certification system, now you have the possibility to download the diploma with the badges in PDF.

Remember that on our YouTube channel they are all explained!

by Cristina TopWorksheets