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What’s New (June 11th 2021) (Week 23)

Hello! Here you have the latest updates:

  • Statistics pages in My Groups: This page will allow you see the average mark of each student and each worksheet. Also, there’s a list with all the student’s submissions with their corresponding score. This list can be exported to Excel format.

  • Messages when finishing a worksheet: Now, students have the chance to send messages to the teacher once the have finished a worksheet. This can be activated by creating a custom link. The messages would arrive in “My Inbox”.

  • Show the correct answers: Once again, this option can be activated by creating a custom link. It will allow the student see the correct answers once a worksheet has been completed. This will generate a link that can’t be shared with anyone, to prevent from spreading.

Write us if you have more suggestions! 

by Cristina TopWorksheets