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Voice Answer: possibility to make it longer?


Hi, I'm wondering if there is anyway to allow the student to record a longer answer in the 'voice answer'. At the moment it seems that it is just 2 minutes, which can be a bit short for summarizing a video, etc. Is there anyway to extend the time or is this a restriction due to file size, etc.?

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

Yes, probably sometimes 2 minutes of audio is not enough. We will try to increase this limit and we'll get back to you when it's done.


Hi Charlie,

We have increased the maximum time allowed in the voice answer fields. Now the new maximum times are 3 minutes for teachers with Gold plan and 5 minutes for teachers with Platinum plan.

This will be applied only to worksheets with voice answer fields that has been assigned as tasks to any group.

We hope this upgrade works for you.

Best regards.

That's great, thank you so much! :)

Charlie Ziese 02/08/2023