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Hello everyone! Here you have the latest news and updates that the platform has had:

Assign tasks to specific students: In closed groups, we have added the option to send tasks to one or more students. When assigning a task, you can select specific students to send it to. This allows, for example, creating support or reinforcement activities for only some students.

Reorder tasks in closed groups: There is a new button in closed groups: Reorder tasks. This allows you to drag and drop the tasks to change their order. The new order that we assign will be reflected in the student accounts, very useful in case you want to give priority to certain tasks.

Change task title: The option to write new task titles is now available. Previously, when creating a task, the title of the task was the name of the worksheet by default. Now, we can modify it and put a different one.

Select the language when creating a task: When we assign a task to the students, we can change the language regardless of the detection that is previously made.

Vertical text alignment: The Text Answer, Dropdown, Formula Answer, Text, and Link fields will now allow vertically align the texts in each.

Change the maximum grade of a submission: You can now modify the maximum grade of a student's submission.

In case you have suggestions, leave them in the comments!

by Cristina TopWorksheets


It would be great that we can move or change postions to the worksheets in our folders.

SENA ENGLISH 12/01/2022


You can change the order which will be used to show the worksheets inside the folders in your Account configuration.

You can check the tutorial in the help section about organizing worksheets inside folders.