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Notification icon blocking text


Hi there! I'm having a little problem with a notification icon covering text on the page. As you can see below, apparently my student has copied and pasted and therefore it gives an alert. While I do appreciate the notification, it is blocking the student's answers. Is there anything that can be done for this? Possibly to hide them? Please let me know when you have time, nothing urgent. Thank you! :)


by Charlie Ziese
14 days ago


Hi Charlie,

We are currently looking for a solution on this issue.

Thanks for the warning.

Hi Charlie,

We have changed the size and the position of the warning to avoid readability problems in the submissions. Please let us know if this works for you.

Kind regards.

Hi! Thanks so much for coming up with a quick resolution for this. This is much better, thank you.

I also just wanted to say I appreciate you all so much. With all the terrible support from other companies out there, and trouble even speaking to a person about issues, your company is truly a jewel. Thank you, sincerely.

Charlie Ziese 13 days ago

Thanks for your kind words Charlie.