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Missing pages from Workbooks results.

Hello Topworksheets Team !

Thank you all for the fine work you all are doing !

I have started to use the workbooks as a test book but from one of my groups I am not having access to the results for some of the students in the group ...     Could you help me, please ?

The GROUP is MONDAY 6.30.

I can't find the answers from SOPHIA, for instance ... 

Thanks a lot  ...

Kind regards,

Mateus  :0)

by Teacher Mateus
14 days ago


Hi Mateus,

We are looking into the submissions of your student and it looks like she has not sent any submission on the workbook "FF 1 - UNIT 11 - TESTS". Could you check if she has sent anything from this workbook?

Kind regards.

I see !

What is puzzling me is that they all sent me their answers on the same day . . . 

But just some of them have marks.

But they all have sent me their answers, please see the photo in attachament.



Teacher Mateus 13 days ago

Hi Mateus,

As you can see in the screenshot neither Davi nor Sophia have sent any submissions in the "FF 1 - UNIT 11 - TESTS" workbook. You can check the submissions tab in the same group and you will see that there are other tasks' submissions by these students.

Please check with them to see if they indeed have sent any worksheet in the workbook, but we have no record of it.

Kind regards.