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I have 28 groups of students and want to create one account for each group without using emails. Is that possible or does each account have to be connected with an email address?

by Explorersguild



I didn't really understand what you want to do.

Who do you want to crate accounts for, your students or yourself? And why do you need to create an account for each group?

If you can explain your needs we'll look into it.


Sacha TopWorksheets 11/25/2022

Hello, thank you for the quick response.

I am leading a social / emotional program at our school. There are many students involved.

The students work in teams, 28 teams. I would like to create one account for each team of students so they can work on the activities together and only have one submission per group. 

I would like for them to be able to log in as a group. Liveworksheets.com has a function that does this. I list a name, the username and then a password see below. I have used the room numbers as the usernames so it's easy to keep up with the log-in details

I would also like to track their progress so we can have a little competition between groups. 

I hope that explains it better. I am really looking forward to using the resources on this site. 

Explorersguild 11/26/2022


I think I now understand what you want to do and sure it can be done in TopWorksheets.

In closed groups, students don't need any email account to signup, just a username. So, if you want to create accounts for students just follow the instructions on how to add a new student from our help: 


You will have to do the process as if you were a student: Signup > I'm a student > Input the group code > Input a username and password. Then logout and repeat the process for each team you want  to create. Then share the login details with the students of each team.

This way, all the teams will be assigned to the closed group, you will be able to assign tasks to them and track their progress.

Hope I have explained it clearly, but if not don't hesitate to reply and I'll try to detail it more.

Best regards.

Sacha TopWorksheets 11/27/2022

Thank you Sacha. I'll try it. I think that will work well.

Explorersguild 11/29/2022