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Finding a worksheet among mine


I have my worksheets classified in several folders and subfolders (by courses and within each course by units). This is very convenient to revise all the materials I have for a specific unit, to decide whether I need more worksheets.

However, when I don't remember where one is, I can't find it if I am not looking in the right folder. For example, if I look up the tag "game" in my general folder I don't get any results, but if I repeat the search in my "year_7_1o_ESO" folder, then I find the worksheet I am looking for (other games may be in other folders, though, and I would have to repeat the search in every folder).

Would you recommend avoiding a lot of small folders (by putting all my worksheets for a specific course in the same folder, for example), or waiting until you can improve your search engine so that it will look in ALL my folders for the worksheets I need?

by Juan José



We are currently developing a solution for this, so you can search inside all your folders, so I would recommend to keep using your folder structure for the moment.

We'll announce it as soon as this system is available.

Best regards.

Sacha TopWorksheets 01/12/2023

Hi Juan José,

We have added the possibility to do a search in all your folders at the same time. To access it you just need to try to find a worksheet by filtering by any field. If there are no results a screen like this will appear:

No results found

There you can click on the "Search in all my folders" button and the same search you have done will be made across all folders.

A similar link will appear if the filter throws some worksheets just in case these are not the worksheets you are looking for.

We hope this is a useful feature for you.
Let us know what you think.

That was fast!

Excellent, now I can classify all my worksheets by units, but I don't need to know in which unit a specific worksheet is, just what I wanted, because many are not strictly related to the unit's specific contents.

Thank you so much!

Juan José 01/16/2023