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Equations input field



is there any way to make students answer with a formula or equation?

Thank you!


by Cristina Biasiol


Hi Cristina, 

We are working on the formula field as an answer for the worksheets. We hope to have it available for everyone really soon. 

Well keep you posted on the release day. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Hi Cristina,

We can now announce that we have available for everyone the Formula answer field. You can add a field and define one or more formulas or equations as correct answers and students will need to enter one of the correct answers. The field also support open-ended mode where no answers are defined and the field must be manually corrected.

You can check the help section for this field or try it directly on the visual editor.

We hope this new field is useful for you,
Have a good day

Wow! Thanks a lot! This is a really good news.

Cristina Biasiol 06/23/2022