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Correct answers as wrong



I created a worksheet, but I found out that the student's correct answers were corrected as wrong. I adjusted the maximum grade  to 100 and adjust each question to be 5 grades. I tried later to change the total worksheet grade when I tried to edit it but it's inactive box. Really, I'm confused as i want to adjust the total to 100 and I wouldn't like to adjust each one again. I mean I want the system distribute the questions grades on the total. For Example:  23 question / 100.

Thanks in advance


Hi Aseny,

Can you send us the link of the submission (here or via email at support@topworksheets.com) and we will check the correct answers that have been corrected as incorrect.

On the other topic, right now the total grade of the submission can't be changed but we will add this feature as soon as possible and we'll keep you posted when it's available.

Best regards

The link of the submission:


Hi Aseny,

The worksheet of the submission has all the highlight fields with the same identifier. That makes all the answers count as the same question and if one of them is incorrect all the answers count as incorrect. That's why it looks like the answer was incorrectly graded.

You can assign different identifiers by selecting the "Associate with a new questions" option in the sidebar identifier dropdown in the visual editor. You can see an screenshot here:

Hightlight identifier

Also you can check the help section of the highlight to find more information about how to use it.

Hope this clears your doubts.

Best regards

Thanks A million

Hi Aseny,

We just added the feature to change the maximum grade on an already sent submission. If you click on the pen icon on the grade's right you will see a link where you can change the grade and the maximum grade for this submission.

Hope this is useful for you.